Dear delegates, press members, honorable advisors and valuable board members;

    It is with my pleasure that I, the Secretary General of SANMUN’18, announce the first annual session of Sanko Schools Model United Nations which will be held between the dates of 11th-12th-13th May, 2018 in the sustainable and diverse city of Gaziantep, Turkey.

    Throughout our 4 year- long journey, with 9 national and 2 international conference experiences and with an effort takes more than half of a year, the conference we have been dreaming of, for almost four years, has become true. Now we are waiting for your participation to our labor to reach significance.

    SANMUN’18 is going to be the first conference in this district and our team made a great effort with inutterable proud to organize this conference. Our conference is going to include 3 General Assembly Committees:

    The first committee, Disarmament and International Security. Delegates In this committee will debate about 2 issues. The first one is about minimizing the Usage of the Biological Weapons and the second is on Cyber Security and Protecting Against Cyber Warfare. The second General Assembly committee, the Economic and Financial one. In this committee house will focus on 2 issues. The former is on the International Measures for Preventing Future Global Financial Crises, and the later is on the  Developments in the Field of Crypto Currencies and Blockchain Technology in the Context of International Financal Regulation. Last General Assembly Committee is the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee. During the sessions, the debate will be focussed around one issue. Sale and Sexual Exploitation of Children Including Child Protitution, Child Pornography and other Sexual Abuse Materials will be their discussion point.

    Except these committees SANMUN’18 will include 3 specialized committees. Here are the Special Committees – Security Council, Future Technology Summit and Historical Committee: Wars of the Roses. Our team ensure that all these committees are going to be peerless.

    The motto for SANMUN’18 is “Hear the call for peace for all.” We have chosen this slogan in order to reflect that the effects of conflict are far-reaching and to remark that conflict shatters lives and stunts development.

    As the Secretary General, I’m so proud of the SANMUN’18 team. Everyone worked hardy as they can. I hope that you will have an energizing and productive conference and I know that precious things are ahead for you this May.


    Burak Barlas
    Secretary General of SANMUN’18