Honourable advisors, invaluable board members, dear delegates, press members;


    My name is Ali Arda Saçlı, and it is my honour –as the Secretary General- to declare that the third annual session of Sanko School Model United Nations Conference will be held in Private Sanko Schools, Gaziantep between 20th and 22nd March, 2020.


    Last year, we had the privilege of organizing the second Model UN conference in the city of gastronomy, Gaziantep. With the help of you, esteemed participants, and with our invaluable academic and organization teams, we succeeded in the best way. This year, with our Director General Dila Bingül and our new academic and organization teams, we are ready for a new journey; SANMUN’20.


    Recently, the world has been unstable and unpredictable with wars and conflicts rising in various countries. In the third edition of SANMUN, we are going to be focusing on maintaining peace and development for a longer term than our predecessors did. We are not only going to solve the current problems, but also preventing possible problems of the near future. Doing so, in this conference, we are looking forward to securing uniformity and providing global cooperation for solutions.


    This year, our conference consists of six different committees: four UN councils and two special committees. While Security Council solves some of the most crucial issue concerning the world, ECOFIN and DISEC will be debating how to make our planet a better place to live in. The SPECPOL will be focusing on refugees, human rights and peacekeeping. Our two special committees will be discussing on some long-term problems and hopefully will have beneficial debates, efficient solutions.


    Last of all, I cordially invite you all to the results of the hard work of our invaluable team in the metropolis of Gaziantep; SANMUN’20.


    Ali Arda Saçlı

    Secretary General of


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