Model United Nations (MUN) is an educational simulation in which educational institutions represent certain countries and United Nations institutions by recruiting student delegates.



Sanko Private School envisions itself as a center of educational excellence and an example for Gaziantep, Turkey and the world. Our mission is, by adherence to the principles and example of Ataturk and through the application of the most modern developments in the field of education, to engender in all our students;

  • Self-confidence and communication skills
  • Academic and social success
  • Leadership qualities
  • Awareness of universal knowledge together with local values



The purpose of the SANMUN conference to be held by Private Sanko College and Science and Technology High School for the fourth time this year is to enable the participants to develop their global understanding and to boost their critical thinking to come up with solutions for the existing world problems and to improve their English language skills while doing all these studies.


Over the past two conferences our school hosted to around 600 participants.

This year our conference will draw attention to fundamental issues of global importance and 17 sustainability goals through two General Assembly, three Special Committees and one Crisis Committee. We will focus on solutions that can help make our world a more secure and better place for the next generation. We invite you to come together with us in this conference to #EmpowerTheSphere